About Us

Pacific Housing, Inc., a non-profit organization, is dedicated to becoming a leader in the affordable housing industry. The organizational structure of Pacific Housing, Inc. enables the company to diversify into several disciplines of affordable housing. Active involvement in the following developments and housing programs are well underway throughout California:

  • Development of new, quality, affordable rental housing for families and seniors. 

  • Rehabilitation of existing rental housing to create secure, quality living environments for low-income families and seniors. 

  • Development of transitional housing for very low-income individuals. 

  • Development of small housing projects for individuals with special needs. 

  • Development of "For Sale" affordable housing programs and projects for low and moderate-income families.

Pacific Housing finances its development objectives with a variety of affordable housing finance programs, including the utilization of bond financing through applications submitted to the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee and affordable housing tax credits obtained through the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee to generate and secure equity capital. In addition, Pacific Housing makes applications to and on behalf of local Housing Agencies to secure Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bonds, HOME funds, and other available housing finance programs.